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Slow Food experience first hand

As a part of the proudly practiced food culture in the Alpine-Adriatic region culinary art and the diligent use of produce is a cornerstone in the lives of inhabitants in both Gailtal and Lesachtal. Food products are locally grown and further processed to become local specialities with true value in taste and nutritional balance. A few examples include the speck from Gailtal, bread from Lesachtal, the white corn from Gailtal, alpine cheese and the LONCIUM Craft beer.

Slow Food Travel offers a wide range of „meet the producer“ seminars which allow locals and guests of our region to work shoulder to shoulder with the creators of unique products and learn how these specialities are being made. These experiences showcase the passion of our regional producers and gives you the chance to taste their culinary delights first hand.

Regional Value Creation

Increasingly, the local population realizes that it is up to them to make sure that regional value creation is successful. The promotion of local producers through the integration of tourism and culinary art in local businesses is seen as a key factor of regional value creation. This is a vital component in ensuring that the craft of baking bread from scratch, having access to fresh produce from local farmers and being able to enjoy local delicacies at local guest houses remain a part of the local culture.

Bookable experiences

How can you be sure to buy your products at the right producers? Is it really regionally grown, fair trade and in line with values of sustainability? If you want to find out more look into the many „meet the producer” workshops bookable via Numerous producers and food crafters open their doors and invite interested visitors to learn more about their craft and procedures, along with the passion involved until the speciality can be offered to local market. Regardless if baking bread, making cheese or cooking regional delicacies like Kärntner Nudeln – the ability to learn so much about these local products will leave you impressed and show you why the slow food passion is truly contagious!

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Tip: Spoil yourself, friends and/or familiy to a slow food travel experience.

Herwig Ertl

Herwig Ertl is a lateral thinker and local liaison for the Slow Food Travel Region. He has converted the once original grocery store and family business into a selling point and meeting place for local producers and lovers of Alpine-Adriatic Region produce. Promoting a philosophy encouraging community among local producers, he offers his shop as a stage for the presentation of unique and high-quality products as well as organizing yearly events to celebrate the flavours of the Slow Food Travel Region.

Tip: Visit Herwig Ertl’s shop on the main square in Kötschach. Even enquire regarding possible tasting sessions with Herwig during your visit in the Slow Food Travel Region.

Contact: Herwig Ertl
Kötschach, Hauptplatz 19, 9640 Kötschach-Mauthen
Tel.: +43 (0)4715 246